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When we realize how our habits have changed with the advent of new technologies, there is no wonder we are living in the Digital Age. Signatures of printed newspapers, for example, are dwindling because people prefer to read news on their cellphone.


One day, realizing he was out of pressed newspaper for his dog Bartolomeu to do its physiological needs, the designer Marcos Galindo went out to buy conventional disposable dog pads. In the Petshop, he calculated how many packages his dog would need to use annually, and he realized he would not only spend a lot of money – about USD 10.000 (year 2015) during the whole expected life of the animal -, but he would be also contributing to garbage production.


Then came the idea of ​​creating a practical and eco-friendly product for him and other dog owners that were not satisfied with excessive pad consumption. In August 2017 little time have passed and Galindo have already designed several prototypes of dog pads. As a result, Bartô was created as a company that aims to simplify people’s lives in order to spend more time with their loved ones and, simultaneously, to acquire awareness regarding the health of our planet.

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